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Thrikkaipetta village and plantation walk

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Blog

Palm trees, singing birds, rice fields, fruit and spice plantations, smiling villagers and a lot of new information about the rural life of an Indian village. This is what you can expect when participating in a village tour of Thrikkaipetta.

One of our local guides will pick you up and take you on a tour through the picturesque and green countryside of Thrikkaipetta. It is the ideal tour to discover the local flora and fauna, as well as getting some insights in the local farming practices.

After walking some time towards the Uravu bamboo workshop, you will arrive in front of a stunning view on rice fields and palm trees on your right and some Adivasi habitations on your left. The guide will tell you some stories about the different communities living here.

Then you get to cross the rice fields in order to reach the plantations. Usually, farmers plant one kind of tree per plantation. However, in Wayanad you can find all kind of plants in the plantations, as the flora in this region is very diversified. In the plantations you will come across coffee, pepper and betelnut trees, wild pineapple plants, banana and grapefruit trees, bamboos, coconut and rubber trees, sugarcanes, and much more. The diversity of the flora that you will encounter is definitively worth the visit. Of course, it is possible to try all the spices and the fruits right from the trees.

During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to meet some of the farmers, who will show you their cows and their farmyard. The villagers are very welcoming and will be happy to explain what they do.

We are keen to welcome you in our village and hope you will enjoy your stay with us!


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