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There are six homestays in the village of Thrikkaipetta. All of them are in lovely houses providing good facilities. These agro-based families utilise tourism as an additional source of income. Part of the money the guests pay goes to the Village Development Fund. The homestays work on a rotation system. You can enjoy the view of Mannikunnu Mala mountain from Elyamma and Baby’s balcony, enjoy the delicious food cooked by Reena, and hear all about the many Ayurvedic plants in Daniel’s garden. Mary’s house has an upper floor with a veranda. Suneesh has an extensive living room and Reena has several rooms you can choose from. You can try to catch some fish in Baburaj’s pond.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking a room in a homestay send a message to bamboogrove@uravueconlinks.com or call 0712361849.