Trekking activity in Uravu Bamboo Grove Wayanad

If you like adventure, then this package is for you! Experience adrenalin through Wayanad with its many trekking trails. The rainforest treks will bring you to beautiful waterfalls and streams and you will see diverse fauna and flora. While some areas have gentler slopes allowing even amateurs to the peak, others require experience and a better understanding of the terrain before hitting the trails. Just 18 kilometers from Thrikkaipetta village stands the highest summit of Wayanad: Chembra Peak. It is visible from all parts of Wayanad. Thrikkaipetta village is also surrounded by some mountains, such as the Manikunnumala mountain, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the village after a 2-hours trek. As you can see, we can easily plan a trek that suits you!