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Bamboo Village

The development of the Bamboo Village Thrikkaipetta started in 2006. The idea was to create job opportunities based on bamboo. Local farming families were also encouraged to diversify and gain additional sources of income (goat and dairy farming, vegetable cultivation and other activities in addition to agriculture). Diversification of agricultural production was the core idea behind the concept of the Bamboo Village. New micro-enterprises were started (pickle unit, dried-flower unit, bag unit, etc.) and it was decided to promote homestays in the village. A village plan with tourism as a component was drawn up and a tourism charter was drafted. Currently there are six homestays in the village. A rotation system ensures that income is distributed equally. Many people have benefited from the bamboo village, directly and indirectly. This extra income has helped many families to improve their standard of living.

Over the years, several new units and start-ups related to bamboo have been set up in Thrikkaipetta. Examples include individual artisans, groups of artisans, design collectives, bamboo nurseries, etc. One such unit, the Wayanad Art Cloud is a collective of artists from Thrikkaipetta and other parts of Wayanad.