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Introduction: Bamboo Grove Project

“Uravu Bamboo Grove” is an eco-friendly community tourism project located on the elevated and picturesque mountain plateau of Wayanad, Kerala, southern India. Situated just outside the peaceful Thrikkaipetta Bamboo Village and surrounded by rice fields, the stunning Uravu Bamboo Grove encircles a beautiful pond and a bamboo grove.

About Uravu Eco Links

The Bamboo Grove Eco-friendly Community Tourism Project is a brainchild of Uravu Eco Links Ltd. Uravu Eco Links operates in three main areas: Development of the Bamboo Grove tourism project, construction with bamboo and sustainable materials, and bamboo trading.

Co-Operation with Uravu

Uravu is the motherhouse and a well-established organisation and centre for craft in Kerala and the region. The Bamboo Grove tourism project is an offshoot of the Bamboo Village Development Programme promoted by Uravu. Uravu is mentioned in the well-known travel guide Lonely Planet as a craft centre and a site to visit in Wayanad and hosts many visitors from all over India and abroad on a daily basis.

Making of Video

We work with sustainable materials and involve the local community. Please have a look at our video on the construction process. This short video will make you discover the beauty of sustainability: