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Introduction: Bamboo Grove Project

The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is an eco-friendly community tourism project located on the elevated and picturesque mountain plateau of Wayanad, Kerala, southern India. Situated within the peaceful Thrikkaipetta Bamboo Village and surrounded by rice fields, the stunning Uravu Bamboo Grove encircles a beautiful pond and a bamboo grove.

The main objective of the Uravu Eco Links tourism project is to develop and run a
sustainable, eco-friendly tourism venture by involving and benefitting the local
community. The villagers are taking part in the implementation of the project, which features innovative building designs based on latest environmental standards, locally sourced materials and include the ideas of local artisans. These homespun designs have been paired with local knowledge of sustainable construction and an enthusiastic team of international and local experts in the areas of architecture and design, engineering, innovative water and energy management, tourism and craft.

The Uravu Eco Links construction team and IN:CH architects + planners were the main members in the design and construction process of the Uravu Bamboo Grove. The project is currently managed by Uravu Eco Links, a company which has many years of experience working with the local community. The project is therefore well-anchored in the milieu and resources of the village and aims at providing work opportunities, in the process, enabling all community members to meet and mingle with visitors – encounters that can be, in more ways than one, an enriching experience for all. It is predicted that the Bamboo Grove Project could also act as a future model for other community endeavours such as waste and energy management.