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Community Involvement

Community involvement includes food, which is prepared by trained local women This ensures the involvement of local women and a broad sharing of profits, as well as traditional, ‘home-made’ meals for both national and international visitors.

Farm visits to local and organic farmers aim at providing knowledge on local farming techniques to our guests and enabling farmers to interact with tourists. These farm units also supply grains, vegetables, fruits, ‘free-range farm eggs’ and other products to the resort.

Regarding opportunities for local communities, it is important for us that the tribal communities and other underprivileged sections of the society are an integral part of our scheme of things with fair representation for them in all areas of our activities.

Several young people from the local community have been trained as guides.

A Kalari – traditional martial arts – center has been opened in the village. Children and adults are getting trained once a week by a Kalari master. Interested guests can have a look.

We intend to establish a local cultural centre for the performing arts in our planned amphitheatre, giving opportunities to the local community as well as our guests to watch movies, musical theatre, concerts and dance performances with emphasis on local traditional arts. Also planned are performing arts camps, workshops and exhibitions for artists and artisans from Uravu and other places.

Vehicles (cars and auto-rickshaws) to transport tourists can be hired from the local community.