Wayanad & Map






The Bamboo Grove is located in Thrikkaipetta, a village with around 4000 inhabitants, in the district of Wayanad in Kerala. The nearest large town is Kalpetta with a population of 30,000. Tourism in Wayanad has increased in the past ten years. Tourists come to experience the natural beauty of the region. There are many tourism sites around Thrikkaipetta. There are lakes, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries, caves with prehistoric rock carvings and many hiking trails.


Tourists have an array of locations to visit and can participate in activities conducted by the Bamboo Village and famers of the village: A village walk with a local guide provides them the chance to experience the diverse flora and fauna, apart from the village micro-level production units of the Uravu craft centre.


Wayanad is a hotspot for biodiversity of the Western Ghats and is home to 5,000 species of flora and fauna. One can discover many spices and plants/herbs used in daily cooking and which grow abundantly in Wayanad. There are tea and coffee plantations, as well as cardamom, ginger and pepper. Wild turmeric, curry leaves, thulsi and many medical plants grow here.