Sivaraj Thekkayil

Sivaraj is the Managing Director of Uravu Eco Links Ltd. He coordinates all the company’s activities – construction, bamboo trading, construction training and workshops, and community tourism.

He has 20 years of experience in the bamboo sector and is one of the founding members of the charitable trust Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre (Uravu). He has been a Trustee since 1996 and is currently Uravu’s secretary. He is also a member of the Kerala State Bamboo Mission and serves as an advisor in the Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board.

Sivaraj also played a vital role in the formation of the Uravu-Kabani Homestay project of Thrikkaipetta, which has been operating successfully since 2008. As former member of the Steering Committee of the Responsible Tourism Initiative in Kerala, he maintains close ties with the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS), as well as with Kerala’s Department of Tourism. Sivaraj also co-operates actively with governmental, industrial and civil society stakeholders.

Manoj Kumar

Manoj is a director of Uravu Eco Links Ltd. He is in charge of its overall marketing and public relations activities, as well as looking after bamboo procurement and sales.

Manoj played a vital role in setting up the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, applying his experience in the tourism sector. He has been working in the field of social entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. Before joining Uravu Eco Links Ltd., he worked for Vikasana (Institute of Rural Development), Vishwa Seva Educational Trust and Equations (Equitable Tourism Options).

Corinne Karlaganis

Corinne is a director of Uravu Eco Links Ltd. and the Head of Sustainable Tourism. She coordinates Uravu Eco Links’ tourism and community involvement activities. In addition, Corinne is responsible for concept formulation, marketing and project overview. She has been involved in studies and research projects on tourism initiatives in Kerala, alongside her work as Outreach Associate for an in institute of the University of Bern, Switzerland. She was part of a research team studying responsible tourism in Kerala and India and focuses on the various standards and initiatives on sustainable tourism.

M. Baburaj

Baburaj is one of the directors of Uravu Eco Links Ltd. He is responsible for coordinating the village activities. Baburaj is an Uravu trustee and an organic farmer. As a local of Thrikkaipetta, he is well connected to the community and was instrumental in initiating the Uravu Bamboo Village programme.

Muhammed Ali TK

Muhammed is responsible for finance and administration at Uravu Eco Links Ltd. He is a graduate in economics and has completed the CA intermediate. He has seven years of experience in finance, accounts and taxation in numerous firms based in Bangalore and Calicut.

Saira Pavithran

Saira manages the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort and coordinates the tourism activities offered to our guests. She organizes tour programmes for international and domestic tourists and can be contacted with any inquiries about tourism.

Saira joined the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort’s team in 2016, after eleven years of professional experience in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, as secretary to the CEO of a multinational company. The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is happy to be able to benefit from her managerial skills, as well as her friendly and always welcoming attitude.

Sheeja V.S.

Sheeja works as the financial assistant of Uravu Eco Links Ltd., where she is in charge of day to day financial transactions. She has been working for Uravu Eco Links Ltd. since 2005 and before that she worked for Uravu.

Sheeja completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Sulthan Battery. Before joining Uravu, she worked as an instructor at Deccan Computers, a computer institute in Kalpetta, Wayanad.

Elby V. I.

Elby is the caretaker of the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. He is always ready with a helping hand, taking care of the guests and making sure they are comfortable.With his good sense of humor and love of music, Elby makes the Resort a lively place.

He joined Uravu in 2008 as a bamboo craftsman. Before transferring to Uravu Eco Link’s tourism team, Elby was a member of Uravu Eco Links’ construction team. He was involved in construction works such as the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort or the 100-meter long bamboo bridge in Trivandrum.

Sudhish P.S.

Sudhishis the supervisor of Uravu Eco Link Ltd.’s construction team. He has been working with the company since 2009 and has hands-on experience in construction with sustainable materials. Sudhis is on e of the longstanding members of Uravu Eco Links’ construction team, with a lot of knowledge concerning technical aspects of bamboo structures. He was part of the team involved in experimental constructions undertaken by Uravu Eco Links Ltd., such as the construction of a 100 meter long bamboo bridge in Trivandrum, -dome structures and bamboo-reinforced concrete structures.

Sudhish completed his Certificate Course in Electrical Engineering in 2009 with AITECC in Sulthan Battery.

Snehal Pare

Snehal works as an architect for Uravu Eco Links Ltd. She is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh and strives for sustainable and energy efficient building developments. Before joining our team, she worked for COSTFORD (Center of Science and Technology for Rural Development).

Snehal has a keen interest in the promotion of social development through green and sustainable buildings and landscapes. She has been a part of Uravu Eco Links since 2018. Currently, she is involved in design, planning, hands-on and site works. She believes bamboo is the most efficient building material if you know how to work with it.