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A taste of Adivasi cuisine at the Bamboo Grove Resort

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Blog

On 11 January, a get together with some members of the Adivasi community from Thrikkaipetta was organized at the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. The guests and some Adivasi members shared a good homemade Adivasi dinner.

Events like this enable the local communities to fully benefit from tourism in a fair way. Not only does this enable the guests to try some special dishes made by the community, but also the community members to share some of their cultural and gastronomical heritage. At Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, the meals for the guests are prepared by various families from different communities of the village.

The Adivasi cuisine is very diversified using many different spices, vegetables and leaves from the region. The guests had the possibility to try six different dishes, five of them were vegetarian, and one contained locally available crabs.

Next to rice and papadum, the meal consisted of crabs in a spicy sauce, spinach mixed with fried rice, a roasted jackfruit dish, leaves, dal curry with drumstick and a mashed pumpkins curry.

The dinner was a success with most of the guests refilling their plate more than once.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our cooks and all the people participating at the evening and making it such a nice experience.


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