Sudhish P.S.

Sudhishis the supervisor of Uravu Eco Link Ltd.’s construction team. He has been working with the company since 2009 and has hands-on experience in construction with sustainable materials. Sudhis is on e of the longstanding members of Uravu Eco Links’ construction team, with a lot of knowledge concerning technical aspects of bamboo structures. He was part of the team involved in experimental constructions undertaken by Uravu Eco Links Ltd., such as the construction of a 100 meter long bamboo bridge in Trivandrum, -dome structures and bamboo-reinforced concrete structures.

Sudhish completed his Certificate Course in Electrical Engineering in 2009 with AITECC in Sulthan Battery.

P.J. George

George has long-standing experience as a civil engineer in construction and is responsible for Uravu Eco Links’ construction management. Over the past 16 years he has executed various structures for tourism projects such as Vythiri Village, Treasure Trove Homestays in Meenangadi and Mepadi Homestays. He has worked alongside reputed architects and engineers in different parts of the country, such as Sudhakar Redy from IIT Delhi. He also has a vast experience with RCC constructions in Wayanad. George has designed and built a 100-metre bamboo bridge for the Kerala State Archaeology Department. He has worked with Uravu for eight years and brings with him innovative ideas in bamboo and other eco-friendly structures. His expertise in the technical aspects of construction and his experience with local and government construction, as well as in various other eco-friendly projects, make him a valued member of the Bamboo Grove Project team.

Jürg Grunder

Jürg is an architect and a Professor of Architecture. He is responsible for our concepts in architecture and design. He has vast experience in sustainable architecture, besides photography and design, and has managed companies in Switzerland and elsewhere globally. Since 1991 he has been a Professor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering. He is the head of the IN:CH Transcultural Sustainability Platform India, which is a competence centre in India for research, advanced training courses and the IN:CH Studio, a semester course for Indian and Swiss students in architecture and civil engineering. Given his exposure to Indian projects and much else besides, Jürg can offer invaluable help/advice to Indian partners and experts in the area of architecture. He believes that an intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork creates a third culture, which is more successful than individual work. With IN:CH Architects and Planners in Bangalore he works on projects and execution in sustainable architecture, design and urban settlements.

Ariadna Binefa

Ariadna, an architect from Barcelona, Spain, works with Jürg Grunder on the design concept of the Bamboo Grove Project. She is currently working as a technical consultant and project manager at IN:CH Architects and Planners, Bangalore. A 2005 graduate of the Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB), she did her Masters in Workspace Design from Escola Elisava of Barcelona (UPF) in 2007. She has worked as manager for architecture projects in Spain, India and Morocco, and developed her own projects as a freelancer in Barcelona. She has comprehensive experience in sustainable architecture, hotel design and residential projects, and is a specialist in developed-technical stage and site management. Ariadna has complementary experience managing different cultural and social events such as art exhibitions, audiovisuals and social work projects.


Pornika was born and brought up In Bangalore. She studied architecture at the Siddaganga Institute of Technology from 2009 to 2013. She did her thesis project on ‘Museum of Modern Art’ in Jaipur, Rajasthan exploring the culture and architecture of the place and researching on sustainable building methods to respond to the extreme climatic conditions. Pornika is interested in green architecture, energy efficient designing and sustainability. Currently she is interning at IN:CH Architects and Planners in Bangalore where she is working on projects involving sustainable building techniques using mud and bamboo. Presently she is involved in the design and planning works of the Bamboo Grove project together with Jürg Grunder and Ariadna Binefa.

Snehal Pare

Snehal works as an architect for Uravu Eco Links Ltd. She is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh and strives for sustainable and energy efficient building developments. Before joining our team, she worked for COSTFORD (Center of Science and Technology for Rural Development).

Snehal has a keen interest in the promotion of social development through green and sustainable buildings and landscapes. She has been a part of Uravu Eco Links since 2018. Currently, she is involved in design, planning, hands-on and site works. She believes bamboo is the most efficient building material if you know how to work with it.

Sharmishtha Dhurve

Sharmishtha is working as an architect for Uravu Eco Links Ltd. She is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and is passionate about moving sustainable architecture forward with social development. Before joining our team, she worked for Mud Hands Architects, Bengaluru and rat[lab] Research in Architecture and Technology, Delhi.

Sharmishtha’s interests revolve around merging sustainable architecture with a computational approach. In this era technology is becoming a tool to make the impossible possible. Currently, she is involved in design, planning, hands-on and site works. She is enthusiastic about exploring nature in all its forms and translating them into designs using bamboo.

Shoukath P.K.

Shoukath started working for Uravu Eco Links in 2005 as part of the construction team. He plays a vital role in our projects and is one of the construction team leaders at the Bamboo Grove project site. Shoukath was involved in various construction projects of Uravu Eco Links. He has a lot of experience in construction with bamboo and was also part of the experimental constructions undertaken by Uravu Eco Links. These include the construction of a 100-meter long bamboo bridge in Trivandrum and dome structures. After completing his +2 education, he started his career as a construction worker. He first worked in Kerala and later gained experience working three years in Oman.


Krishnan has been assisting Uravu and Uravu Eco Links for the past ten years. He and his team work in the area of bamboo cutting. Krishnan helps Uravu to collect bamboo for various purposes. He has tremendous experience and expertise in bamboo cutting and is an expert on the different bamboo species. Krishnan also works as a helper on the construction work being done by Uravu Eco Links.

Muhammed Sadique Kallada

Sadique was Uravu Eco Links’ site supervisor. He was responsible for supervising the construction activities at the project site. Sadique obtained his diploma from the Government Polytechnic College in Meenangadi in 2012. He has worked for several construction companies in Calicut and Wayanad. For the past eight years he has been involved in his father’s construction and masonry business and started to gain hands-on experience of construction at a young age.