Shri Himanshu Nanda in the Bamboo Grove

On 4 April, Uravu Bamboo Grove had the honour to receive Shri Himanshu Nanda for a Banduri concert in the middle of the bamboo grove.

Bamboo’s association with music is perhaps timeless. Every year, we honour this ancient association of bamboo and music, with our “Bamboo Music” programme. This year we invited Shri Himanshu Nanda to attend a Bansuri concert, to celebrate bamboo and the flute. Shri Nanda is a celebrated disciple of the internationally acclaimed flute maestro Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasia. He has won the following awards: Padma Bushan (1992) and Padma Vibushan (2000).
The haunting notes of the flute have enthralled humanity for centuries. From the forests of Brindavan, the palaces of mughals, to the concert halls of the 21st century, it has been played by gods and mortals alike, to stir and enchant the hearts of music lovers from time immemorial.