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Outdoor lesson on bamboo in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Blog

On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, a small outdoor learning event on bamboo took place at the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. Bamboo expert Dr Abdulla explained about the different types of bamboo and children from the village participated by naming them with nameplates.

As soon as everyone had gathered together, Corinne gave a small explanation of the project. Shortly after, small plates with the names of different bamboo species were distributed amongst the children. With sparkling eyes, they observed the green plates lying in their hands. They wandered around questioning what might be happening next. The first stop was the bamboo plant in the centre of the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. While Dr Abdulla explained the characteristics of this bamboo, the children, still busy with trying to identify which of them has the matching plate for the bamboo plant, are listening to his explanation. Suddenly, the smile of one boy is getting bigger and bigger. He realised that the green board in his hands was matching the name of the bamboo in front of the crowd. Proudly, he places the first plate of the evening close to the bamboo. Excited, which might be the next bamboo, this discovery took its course through the whole resort. With the help of Santosh from Uravu Eco Links and Radha Krishnan from the Uravu Bamboo Nursery, the children found the places for all the nameplates.

The background of this event is a crowdfunding activity, which took place a few years ago. The aim was to collect money to buy land to build the Uravu Community Centre, which is now constructed and frequently used as a meeting point by children and adults. The people had participated in the crowdfunding by giving a certain amount of money and got something in return. One of the ‘compensations’ we offered, was to plant a bamboo plant in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. The bamboo plants had already grown, and it was high time, that we named them.

To go along with one of our values, which is the community involvement, we decided to take the naming ceremony as an opportunity to involve the children of the community school. The presence of the excited students turned the event into a lively evening. Moreover, we had the chance, to welcome Verena Karlaganis, one of the donors, to place her nameplate to the matching bamboo plant.

In this place, we would like to thank again all the sponsors who participated in the crowdfunding and who supported the construction of the Uravu Community Centre. Without your support, the Community Centre would not be what it is today. It was a great pleasure to conclude this successful project with such a lovely evening.


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