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by | Feb 20, 2016 | Blog

27 March 2015 was the day of the official housewarming of the Uravu Bamboo Grove. Most of the villagers of Thrikkaipetta came to see for themselves the uniqueness of the site and the wonderful work done by our bamboo workers and carpenters on the constructions with bamboo and other natural materials. The local tradition for a housewarming is to place a pot of milk on a fire and to wait until it boils over, spilling out of the pot. milk is considered as very auspicious and is used for many ceremonies. The boiling over is a symbol of prosperity.

For this special occasion Baburaj, Secretary of Uravu and Director of Uravu Eco Links, gave a speech and our Swiss architect Juerg Grunder (IN:CH) and our engineer George addressed the villagers with some touching words.


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