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CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018 for Sustainable Tourism

by | May 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort in Wayanad received the CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018 for Sustainable Tourism!

For the third time CIPRA Switzerland has awarded three projects for sustainable tourism in mountain regions. The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, an eco-friendly community tourism project managed by Uravu Eco Links, did win the CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018.

The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is located in Thrikkaipetta, on the elevated and picturesque mountain plateau of Wayanad, Kerala and is closely linked to the non-governmental organisation Uravu. The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is based on three pillars: community involvement, eco-friendliness and innovative design. It consists of four cottages built with bamboo and other sustainable materials, designed by Indo-Swiss architects and engineers. Traditional knowledge on craft and bamboo was combined with modern design. This tourism project supports more than 30 families with an additional income. 5% of what the guests pay goes to the Uravu Bamboo Village Development Fund and is used for sustainable, cultural and educational activities.

The other two awarded projects are Centro Bartolomé de las Casas in Peru and ‘Kompotoi’ a Swiss compost toilet developer.

The CIPRA Award recognises innovative long-term contributions to mountain protection or sustainable development in a mountainous area. The theme of CIPRA Award 2018 was ‘Sustainable Tourism’. Tourist destinations as well as service providers and project developers were considered for the award. The projects should be innovative, creative and visionary. They should also provide relevant ideas with regards to sustainable and, in particular, environmentally friendly tourism. In addition, the projects should radiate positivity and serve as a role model. The award criteria covered economic, social and environmental aspects.

The CIPRA Award honours outstanding activities by a natural or legal person for their exceptional contributions to the sustainable development of the Swiss Alpine region:
The CIPRA Main Award is given out every year to honour projects, initiatives or campaigns carried out by organisations, companies or scientific institutions in the Swiss Alps.
The CIPRA Solidarity Award is given out to sustainable projects and initiatives in a mountainous region in Central Asia, Africa, India or Latin America.

With Christine Pluess from Arbeitskreis Tourismus und Entwicklung. Read their article about the CIPRA Award Ceremony.