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Art Camp in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort and Biennale in Kochi

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Blog

One of the main missions of the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is to help to share the revenues from tourism with the local community. In addition, we support people willing to develop news ideas and projects. In 2018, we started helping local artists to promote their art and we developed an Art Gallery Tour.

Gaining access to the art market is not a piece of cake when you are living in a remote village in South India. Nonetheless, given its calm environment, surrounded by nature, we believe that the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is an ideal place for encouraging creativity.

For three days, from 22 to 24 December 2018, the three local artists K.P. Deepa, Praseetha Biju and E.C. Sadanand, gathered in the resort. From early morning until there was no longer enough light to see their paintbrushes, they worked, interacted, shared and studied their different styles. Members of the public were welcome to come and observe the artists during the creation process. At the end of the camp, the artworks were exhibited in the resort and you can still come and see them. We had the opportunity to film and interview the artists during the art camp.

The result was a short documentary which you can watch here:

After the positive experience of the art camp in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, our three artists, accompanied by Biju, and three members of Uravu Eco Links (UEL) visited the Kochi Muziri Biennale for two days.

The Kochi Muziri Biennale is the biggest contemporary art exhibition and festival in South Asia. It showcases mainly Indian, but also international artists working with numerous media such as painting, sculpture, performance art and new media techniques. Kochi and Muziri — the ancient harbour of Kochi — have a long tradition of being places where exchange and interaction between different cultures can take place. It is this spirit and legacy that the Kochi Muziri Biennale wishes to revive. This Biennale hosted not only exhibitions but also talks, presentations, screenings, workshops, live music and educational activities. 

Our artists and the UEL team found their visit to the Biennale an amazing experience, which has inspired them with ideas for future projects.

This art camp, as well as the visit to the Biennale in Kochi, would not have been possible without the help of a generous patron whom we would like to thank here.

The enthusiasm emanated by the artists during the workshop in the Uravu Bamboo Grove resort and the visit to the Art Biennale in Kochi has started us thinking about the next steps. News will be shared shortly. Keep yourself posted by subscribing to our newsletter, or follow us on our social media.


Art Camp in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort

Visit of the art Biennale in Kochi


Meet the local artists with Uravu Bamboo Grove

If you are interested in meeting and finding out more about the local artists in the Uravu Bamboo Village Thrikkaipetta, why not join an Art Gallery Tour?

One of our English-speaking local guides, who is an artist himself, will accompany you to the studios where the artists work. You will have the opportunity to see the artists at work, to interact with them and, if you are interested, to buy some of their artwork. There is no obligation to purchase. If you would like more insight into the local art scene, please get in touch with us.


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