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An evening full of joy, music and tasty food

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Blog

As the new year started, it was time to have a joyful get together with all the team members of Uravu Eco Links and their families. It was a good opportunity as well, to welcome new members of our team. Our guests from Spain and Switzerland also joined us for this occasion to share some good times.

Do you like music? Because we do! This is why we started the evening with a game called “musical chair”. In case you don’t know the game: People had to run around a circle of chairs and music was playing in the background. As soon as the music stopped, you had to sit down on one of the chairs. However, there weren’t enough chairs for everybody and if you weren’t fast enough and could not sit down, you were disqualified. For each round one or two chairs were removed until there was only one chair left. The children outplayed all of the adults during this game!

And because we like music very much, the evening went on with musical performances by our team members as well as by our guests. So, we had the pleasure to listen to Malayalam film songs, Hindi classics and Spanish and Swiss German folk songs. Our team members Snehal and Elby were enchanting us with their beautiful voices, as young Shiva and Lenny played the guitar. Even our MD and our Finance Manager converted their “dialogues” into music. ????

Our dinner was cooked and prepared by some families from the village and was, of course, very tasty. The Swiss guests surprised us with two yummy Swiss dishes cooked by them. “Rösti” was made of grated and fried potatoes and “Zücher Geschnetzeltes” contained sliced meat strips and mushrooms in a creamy sauce.

It was a wonderful get together which was enjoyed by the Uravu Eco Links team and by our guests alike.


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