Shyam Kumar is the Technical Director and Head of R&D in Renewable Energy at Innovation Experience Kerala. He is also the Technical Consultant for the Eco-Tourism Thenmala. Shyam has worked in various automobile and mechanical firms. He has worked in many Govt. research projects with DSIR and KSCSTE. His main achievements include a patent pending design for a solar peak load minimiser system, patent pending design for a chain-less pedal operated wet grinder, development of pedal operated water pump, juicer, automatic solar powered irrigation systems, solar boats, first solar bumber boat in india, solar powered bicycle, Low energy solar signage, biodegradable solar lamps etc. With NABARD funding, he developed a model eco-farm which consists of a PET bottle island, wind powered pumps, hydroponic cultivation, solar yard lights etc. He built and demonstrated a PET bottle rainwater harvester and a PET bottle bus shelter at CET, Trivandrum. He designed and constructed an interactive art installation at Technopark, Trivandrum. He designed and built an agricultural farm which use eco friendly technologies and pesticide free techniques to provide vegetables for the Kanthari Campus at Vellayani, Trivandrum. Shyam’s dream is to live in a world fully powered by solar and with waste management systems effectively converting everything including human waste into energy and utilities. Shyam completed his studies from Central Polytechnic, Trivandrum and College of Engineering, Trivandrum.