Sadanandan manages the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort and coordinates the tourism activities offered to our guests. He interacts with all the different members of the community working with the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort such as cooking teams, guides, drivers, etc. Besides managing the Resort, Sadanandan is also an artist and he coordinates the art related programmes and workshops of Uravu Eco Links. He is a founding member of the

Sadanandan was born and raised in Southern India. His interest in art began in his childhood and he taught himself how to paint at a very young age. After degree studies in Statistics, Sadanandan dedicated his life to his true passion – creating art works. Over the past ten years, he has explored new kinds of canvases –  including bamboo. He is drawing inspiration from nature incorporating modern interpretation. Sadanandan is creating his unique style of visual art drawn from his emotions and thoughts aiming to interact with changing societies.