George has long-standing experience as a civil engineer in construction and is responsible for Uravu Eco Links’ construction management. Over the past 16 years he has executed various structures for tourism projects such as Vythiri Village, Treasure Trove Homestays in Meenangadi and Mepadi Homestays. He has worked alongside reputed architects and engineers in different parts of the country, such as Sudhakar Redy from IIT Delhi. He also has a vast experience with RCC constructions in Wayanad. George has designed and built a 100-metre bamboo bridge for the Kerala State Archaeology Department. He has worked with Uravu for eight years and brings with him innovative ideas in bamboo and other eco-friendly structures. His expertise in the technical aspects of construction and his experience with local and government construction, as well as in various other eco-friendly projects, make him a valued member of the Bamboo Grove Project team.