Jürg is an architect and a Professor of Architecture. He is responsible for our concepts in architecture and design. He has vast experience in sustainable architecture, besides photography and design, and has managed companies in Switzerland and elsewhere globally. Since 1991 he has been a Professor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering. He is the head of the IN:CH Transcultural Sustainability Platform India, which is a competence centre in India for research, advanced training courses and the IN:CH Studio, a semester course for Indian and Swiss students in architecture and civil engineering. Given his exposure to Indian projects and much else besides, Jürg can offer invaluable help/advice to Indian partners and experts in the area of architecture. He believes that an intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork creates a third culture, which is more successful than individual work. With IN:CH Architects and Planners in Bangalore he works on projects and execution in sustainable architecture, design and urban settlements.