72-hours Bamboo Workshop in Wagamon

72-hours Bamboo Workshop in Wagamon at the D.C. School of Architecture and Design

Six Uravu bamboo masters were invited to an intensiv Bamboo Workshop in the D.C. School of Architecture and Design, Wagamon. The workshop took place from 18-20 February 2016. Approximately 100 students from several colleges in Kerala and 20 architects and bamboo workers were involved in this three-day workshop on bamboo construction.

During the opening ceremony Sivaraj Thekkayil, the Managing Director of Uravu Eco Links (UEL), gave a presentation on Uravu and Uravu Eco Links. Muhamed Sadique, UEL’s construction manager, talked about bamboo constructions and Sudheesh P.S. showed students how to make joints in bamboo. After the opening ceremony, students were divided into four different groups, which had the task to build different bamboo constructions within 72 hours:  a bus stop, a hut, furniture and a gazebo (kind of pergola). The Uravu bamboo craftsmen Raju, Santosh, Sudheesh and Rakesh helped the students to realize their buildings. This innovative concept of an intensive workshop motivated interested the students and the bamboo masters as well.

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