Successful collaboration with the HES-SO Valais-Wallis

Since 2015 Uravu Eco Links collaborates with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences – HES-SO Valais-Wallis in Sierre, Switzerland. As from then onwards, every year a Swiss tourism management student is given the chance, to put the learned skills into practice during their five months internship here in Wayanad. The interns help actively in the development of the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, support the marketing and communication section and Uravu’s Bamboo Village activities. The collaboration with the Swiss University HES-SO is much appreciated and we are happy to read about the project on their website.

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CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018 for Sustainable Tourism

The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort in Wayanad received the CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018 for Sustainable Tourism!


For the third time CIPRA Switzerland has awarded three projects for sustainable tourism in mountain regions. The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort, an eco-friendly community tourism project managed by Uravu Eco Links, did win the CIPRA Solidarity Award 2018. Continue reading

It’s all about bamboo – Final event of the Bamboo Log project

The Bamboo Log event was a great success and attracted more than 2,000 people who came to the Bamboo Village Thrikkaipetta from 11 to 14 March 2017 for seminars, workshops, exhibitions and craft demonstrations on bamboo.

The Bamboo Log project is a two-year project on bamboo and bamboo workers. It was planned and implemented jointly by Uravu and INHAF and its partner organisations INCH architects and planners, Padavu Builders and Desavishtara. Various government departments and bodies such as the Scheduled Tribes Development Department, Government of Kerala, NABARD, Kerala Forest Department, and the Wayanad District Legal Services Authority supported the final event of the project.

The idea behind the event was to showcase the potential of bamboo to transform Wayanad and other districts in a socio-economic manner. The programme had four components: 1) the exhibition of bamboo products, bamboo furniture, buildings built with bamboo and bamboo art work; 2) a national seminar to evaluate the present scenario and future scope of bamboo in various sectors; 3) a workshop to increase tribal involvement in the bamboo sector; and 4) an online design competition conducted to sensitize young architects to the low cost bamboo housing sector.

The two-day national level seminar was conducted to discuss issues related to the bamboo sector and develop an action plan for bamboo development in the country, which could be taken up by various state agencies or missions involved with bamboo. There were different seminar sessions addressing policy and legal aspects, bamboo based production, bamboo based construction, raw material availability, marketing and strategy enhancement.

The visitors watched bamboo craft demonstrations from artisans from all over India and visited the exhibition of bamboo constructions and bamboo art installations in the many different venues located all over Thrikkaipetta village. The exhibition sites included two low-cost model houses built with bamboo and other sustainable materials, a community centre built fully with bamboo, a bamboo furniture exhibition, as well as art installations by local artists and artisans.

Part of the project was an architecture students’ competition on developing low-cost houses. The participants – young architects and architecture students – had the chance to interact with representatives of tribal communities, to discuss the involvement of tribal communities in the bamboo housing sector and, in that way, to exchange knowledge and skills on housing and bamboo with tribal communities.

The evenings followed the rhythms and tunes of different cultural programmes: including the ‘Vialy Bamboo Folks’ band playing with bamboo instruments, songs and dances from local children and the well-known tribal band ‘Wayanad Nattukoottam’.

Many thanks to all the helpers and supporters!


















































































Start of the Bamboo Log Event

The Bamboo Log Event takes place from 11 to 14 March 2017 in “Uravu Bamboo Village”

For the last two days, “Uravu Bamboo Village” has welcomed more than 2’000 people at the Bamboo Log Event. During this occasion, visitors had the chance to participate in diverse seminars on bamboo construction, production, planting and policy issues related to bamboo. They could also walk around the village and see the different venues where various exhibitions, displays, live demonstrations and open discussions on bamboo took place.

The first evening started with the inauguration ceremony, followed by the Vayali Bamboo Folks group who fired up the atmosphere with their bamboo symphonies played with bamboo made instruments.

The Bamboo Log Event is still going on until Tuesday 14th of March. Don’t hesitate to visit “Uravu Bamboo Village” to learn more about the great attributes of bamboo and its possibilities of applications!