The Jackfruit Festival is a three-day event in May or June. During this festival more than hundred differentChaka recipes and itemsare presented to demonstrate the fantastic potential of jackfruits. Uravu was the first organization to start Jack Fests way back in 2006 and helps to promote and sell the jackfruit-made products. Nowadays in all Kerala such events are taking place.In Wayanad, in 2016 it was held in Thrikkaipetta village, in 2015 in Pookot Lake. Many people from Thrikkaipetta village participated in the past editions and cooked delicious snacks and meals on the spot made with the famous fruit. The “Children’s Club” of the village was selling some tasty “Chaka ice creams” to the visitors, and local women trained in jackfruit products brought their items to sale at the festival.

jacks fruit festival wayanad