Uravu Eco Links has set apart 2.6 acres of land in one of the most beautiful spots in the area on the western side of the village. Part of the land consists of dark granite rocks surrounded by trees and low bush with a variety of plant species, some of them probably unique to Wayanad. The rocks girdle a large pond and border a flat area with distant rice fields against a background of purple-hued hills in the distance. The rocks on the eastern side also border a steep area of land, which leads to a small stream with a Banyan tree. On the northern side is a small temple revered by many villagers as a sacred place.

The 4,000-odd inhabitants or about 1,000 families of Thrikkaipetta mostly live in single or double-storey family homes surrounded by gardens in which they plant coffee and fruit trees. It could be described as a scattered settlement with several meeting points of one or two shops or a simple restaurant. When leaving the village one does not notice the borders with neighbouring villages as the area is surrounded by rice fields on one side and hillocks covered with forest, bush and undergrowth on the other. The perennial stream flows through the village, separating the rice fields from the mountains.